When you’re in the market for hearing aids, it’s essential to ask the right questions to ensure you make an informed decision.

According to experts, it can take two to four weeks for your brain to adapt to the new way of perceiving sounds. Here are some tips to help you get accustomed to your new hearing aids.

Your audiologist will suggest one or two hearing aids depending on what type of hearing loss you have. Schedule a free hearing consultation at House of Hearing aids Orem to see what would work best for you.

Although hearing loss is common with increased age, it is not necessarily something you want to happen. There are certain things that can make hearing loss worse or progress faster.

Hearing aids can do amazing things, but they cannot clean and care for themselves. To ensure that you get the most out of your hearing aids, you will want to ensure that you maintain them frequently.

Hearing loss is a common condition that can occur with age, but the reasons for hearing loss can vary among individuals. Here, we will discuss common causes of hearing loss.

There are 48 million individuals in the U.S. who experience some form of hearing loss. Of those who can benefit from hearing aids, however, only about 20 percent use them.

“Dr. Cliff, AuD” on YouTube is a favorite at House of Hearing Orem. We recommend you watch the show to become an informed consumer on hearing aid options.

Hearing aids are incredible devices that can drastically impact the way you hear and interact with the world around you. These small devices are powerful, allowing you to regain control over your hearing and life. But how does such a tiny technology seemingly defy the laws of nature, producing amplified and clearer sound? This article […]

You’ve probably seen a lot of headlines about Congress and the FDA approving a law that allows hearing aids to be sold over the counter. In reality, we have had over-the-counter products for some time. Still, we are glad that the FDA has recognized that hearing loss can lead to other health issues — depression, […]

Many Americans and individuals around the world experience hearing loss. Hearing loss is common, particularly with age. This is because as you get older, you experience normal wear and tear on your ear’s sensory cells. While common, hearing loss can be dangerous if left untreated. Therefore, if you are hard of hearing, it is important […]

ReSound includes digital hearing aid technology, allowing for customization and integration with mobile devices. With digital hearing aids, you can control sound without ever touching your ears. Test the different models at House of Hearing Orem.

Hearing loss is very common, especially with age. In fact, up to one-third of individuals between the ages of 65 and 74 have hearing loss. The prevalence gets even higher with increased age. After age 75, up to half of people have trouble hearing1. Hearing loss can interfere with several aspects of life. A hearing […]

Hearing loss affects many individuals as they age, but it also can occur due to injury, a congenital disability or various other conditions. Many consider impaired hearing to simply be a nuisance. For example, you may have to ask someone to repeat what they said or turn the volume up on your television. However, hearing […]

Signia is a global hearing aid brand offering several technologies that address common issues associated with hearing loss. They offer six types of hearing aids, each with different models. These hearing aids and their details are described below.  Insio Charge&Go AX  The Insio Charge&Go AX is a rechargeable hearing aid that utilizes contactless lithium-ion charging. […]

Do you worry that you’re suffering from hearing loss problems? If yes, you are not alone. According to statistics, more than 5% of the world’s population (or a total of 430 million people worldwide) would benefit from some sort of rehabilitation or device to address hearing loss issues. However, the scary part of the scenario […]

Phonak hearing aids and accessories offer comprehensive solutions for hearing loss, allowing for better hearing and increased quality of life for its customers. The company provides a variety of products, each tailored to specific types of hearing loss and individual lifestyles. BTE Hearing Aids For starters, Phonak offers behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids where the device […]

Oticon is a hearing aid company that supplies devices allowing for complete access to the sound scene, making it so the brain can function more naturally. One of Oticon’s most advanced hearing care solutions is the Oticon More™, however, they also have many different types of hearing aids and styles to promote better quality hearing […]

Nowadays, with the aid of technological advancements, we can tackle hearing loss with hearing aids, but sometimes issues arise with the devices. This is when it’s time for a professional. An audiologist or a licensed hearing aid dispenser will guide you through any hearing aid repair. Common Hearing Aid Repair Issues Here are some of […]

You may be tempted to get your hearing aids at Costco, but you won’t save money. And you’ll miss out on the superior customer service that we promise to provide for as long as you own your hearing aids. Clients often ask us to tell them the difference between our services and Costco Hearing Aids. […]

It’s time to set yourself free by using the hands-free ReSound ONE hearing aid. At House of Hearing Aids, we are here to help you reclaim your hearing.

We know that smoking and drinking alcohol excessively can have a highly detrimental impact on our health, but one thing that you might not realize is that they impact our hearing health too. If you’re looking to improve your hearing and ensure its protected going forward, it’s important to take this into account. We’re going […]

When you’re dealing with hearing problems, it makes sense to take those problems to a professional. When you consult a professional audiologist, they’re able to get to the bottom of the problem, assess your hearing and understand the extent of any hearing loss that’s present. From there, they’ll be able to offer you the right […]

When it comes to your hearing aid, there are many options out there. They all have the ability to significantly improve the quality of life you have and your communication abilities too. That being said, it’s important to know that there is a small adjustment period with hearing aids, and at first, it may be […]

According to statistics, one in eight people in the United States aged 12 years or older has hearing loss in both ears, based on standard hearing examinations. However, a lot of people never get diagnosed properly. This is because they can’t seem to recognize the issues that would prompt them to get a diagnosis. Here […]

Hearing problems can get quite troublesome if a solution is not found for them in time. An expert such as an audiologist will be able to give an expert diagnosis on the matter. But, how to find the right audiologist for you? There tons of clinics out there, and picking any random one can be […]

Back in the day, getting diagnosed with hearing issues meant having to deal with tons of doctor visits and then ending up with a huge hearing aid. This huge device wasn’t just aesthetically unappealing but was also a hassle to carry around. However, with time, there have been various improvements in finding solutions for hearing […]

Cochlear Implants: Pros and Cons To understand how cochlear implants work, one should first get a glimpse into the functioning of the ear. Inside the ear, there is the cochlea which has vibrational hair. Many times, when individuals go through an accident, this vibrational hair gets damaged. As a result of this damage, they cannot […]