A Look at Hearing Aids Brands: Oticon

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Oticon is a hearing aid company that supplies devices allowing for complete access to the sound scene, making it so the brain can function more naturally.

One of Oticon’s most advanced hearing care solutions is the Oticon More™, however, they also have many different types of hearing aids and styles to promote better quality hearing for all.

Real-Life Hearing

Oticon More technology is advanced, as it is designed to better support the brain and consequent hearing through its BrainHearing technology. This technology represents the first hearing aid of its kind, integrating the Deep Neural Network (DNN) into a chip.

The DNN is programmed with 12 million real‑life sounds, providing the brain with the meaningful information it requires to hear fully. With this advancement, Oticon More devices operate intelligently, similar to the brain as it learns through experience.

The technology yields improved speech understanding with less effort. It does this by providing the brain up to 30 percent more sound, improving speech understanding by 15 percent, and decreasing listening effort by 30 percent.

Power Options

Oticon More technology provides better sound quality alongside a variety of hearing aid styles and types. Oticon More includes two power options for both their miniRITE and newminiBTE models.

These options include either disposable batteries or a rechargeable device that utilizes overnight charging. These features are distinguished by either the “T” or “R” models.

The rechargeable aid takes only three hours to get a full charge that will last the entire day. These two options give individuals greater flexibility when selecting a device that is right for them. They also both come in eight colors, allowing for individual customization.

For additional ease of use, Oticon offers a portable charger known as the SmartCharger. The SmartCharger can recharge the Oticon More without the need for a power outlet for up to three full charges. In fact, a 30-minute charge can give the Oticon More up to six hours of additional power.

Other Features

The Oticon More line also has additional features that help integrate it into the user’s everyday life for seamless use

It is designed to accommodate hands-free phone and video calls from iPhones and iPads and also allows for streaming from Android devices.

Additionally, users can stream sound directly from the TV using the Oticon TV adapter.

Oticon also offers an app that makes controlling one’s hearing aid convenient, easy, and efficient.

The Oticon More device also accommodates a remote microphone via the ConnectClip.

Additional Oticon Models

Outside the Oticon More line, Oticon also offers several other types of hearing aids. These include the Opn S, Xceed, Play PX, Opn Play, Xceed Play, Opn, Zircon, Ruby, and Siya.

These hearing solutions are each meant for a large range of styles, colors, ages, levels of hearing loss, and lifestyles, so that individuals can pick a device that works best for them.

All of these devices are designed to incorporate Oticon’s BrainHearing philosophy, supporting an individual’s natural brain processes.

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