A Look at Hearing Aids Brands: Phonak

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Phonak hearing aids and accessories offer comprehensive solutions for hearing loss, allowing for better hearing and increased quality of life for its customers.

The company provides a variety of products, each tailored to specific types of hearing loss and individual lifestyles.

BTE Hearing Aids

For starters, Phonak offers behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids where the device is contained within a case placed behind the outer ear. Sounds transports through the ear and into a tube fastened to a dome or earmold.

BTE hearing aids are best suited for individuals who require more hearing power. Phonak offers two BTE hearing aids, the Phonak Naída Marvel and Phonak Bolero Marvel.

The Phonak Naída Marvel provides rich sound transmission coupled with advanced technological features such as Bluetooth and hands-free calls.

The Phonak Bolero Marvel is indicated for anywhere from mild to severe hearing loss, and it provides a reliable and powerful sound experience.

RIC Hearing Aids

In terms of the receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) hearing aid, Phonak offers the Phonake Audéo Paradise. This is a lighter, smaller, more discreet device compared with a BTE.

Formulated with all-new hardware, this device includes smartphone connection, voice assistant and noise cancellation in addition to crisp audio quality.

ITE Hearing Aids

Phonak also has an in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aid known as the Phonak Virto Marvel, which is a custom hearing aid. Some of the Virto Marvel features include hands-free calls and direct connectivity. Within this product line is the Virto Marvel Black, which is an award-winning hearing aid designed to look like an earbud.

Phonak Technology

Many of these devices are equipped with advanced technology, specifically with the Marvel technology platform. For example, the Marvel line integrates AutoSense OS 3.0, an adaptable technology that generates high-quality streamed sound.

Additionally, its Binaural VoiceStream Technology plays on the natural pathophysiology of the brain. It works bidirectionally to send signals to both sides of the brain through linkage of the two hearing aids.

The Marvel hearing aids also connect to both iOS and Android smartphones and other Bluetooth-compatible devices and feature RogerDirect technology.

RogerDirect makes it so the Phonak’s Roger microphones stream directly to a Marvel hearing aid without the need for an external receiver. This allows individuals to navigate noisy environments such as public spaces and restaurants.

The Lyric hearing aid is one of Phonak’s most advanced technologies. Though most hearing aids are situated within the ear, the Lyric device is so small that it is entirely invisible within the ear canal

It allows for 24/7 around-the-clock hearing and can be worn in practically any situation, including in the shower or when sleeping. It is also offered in a range of sizes.

Phonak allows customers to personalize their hearing device with a variety of add-on options. The myPhonak app has several functionalities, including remote video support from a hearing care professional, remote control, and a hearing diary.

Phonak also offers various accessories, such as the Roger microphone and remote controls.

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