A Look at Hearing Aids Brands: Signia

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Signia is a global hearing aid brand offering several technologies that address common issues associated with hearing loss. They offer six types of hearing aids, each with different models. These hearing aids and their details are described below. 

Insio Charge&Go AX 

The Insio Charge&Go AX is a rechargeable hearing aid that utilizes contactless lithium-ion charging. It offers a customized fit that takes the shape of your ear canal, placed discreetly within your ear. In addition, it offers unique features, including: 

  • Speech clarity 
  • Auto EchoShield 
  • HandsFree for iOS 
  • Signia Assistant, available around-the-clock 
  • Android & iOS connectivity 

Signia Active 

The Signia Active is a ready-to-wear earbud that provides a way to improve your hearing across different acoustic environments. Signia Active also incorporates high-definition Bluetooth so that you can listen to music, watch TV and make phone calls. Additional features include: 

  • On-the-go charging 
  • AI digital assistant 
  • Instant fit 

This line also offers the Signia Active Pro, a higher-end model that can assist with hearing in loud or busy environments. 

Styletto X 

The Styletto X brings a more modern and streamlined look to hearing aids. Its sophisticated design offers a fashionable and aesthetic way to enhance your hearing. Additional features include: 

  • On-the-go charging that allows for three days of use per charge 
  • Signia Assistant 
  • Bluetooth connectivity 
  • Signia Xperience 

The Signia Xperience chip creates crisper sound, allowing for improved speech understanding even in loud situations. 

Silk X

The Silk technology represents one of the smallest hearing aids in the world, allowing for improved hearing while having a discreet look. The Silk hearing aid comes with four soft silicone Click Sleeves in different sizes. The various sizes create an immediate, customizable fit. 

Pure X

The Pure X hearing aid line contains hearing aids positioned discreetly behind the ears. They are equipped with Bluetooth technology, allowing for phone calls and TV and music listening. Additional features also include PureCharge&Go charging. 

Motion X

The Motion X line integrates a small, sleek design with sensor technology that identifies and adapts to movement throughout your day. Additional features include: 

  • Bluetooth connectivity 
  • Automatic situation detection 
  • On-the-go charging that allows for 61 hours of use per charge 
  • AI digital assistant 

Other offerings

In addition to Signia’s hearing aids, they offer other features to enhance the user experience further. The Signia app, for example, provides a platform on your smartphone where you can individualize your hearing aid to suit your needs, including remote control, audio streaming and remote support. 

Signia Assistant is integrated into the Signia app. It leverages artificial intelligence to tailor your hearing experience to your needs in preferences, producing clearer sound and improved speech comprehension.

 Additionally, it assists with answering your questions about your hearing aid so that you know you are using it correctly and optimizing your hearing aid experience. As a result, 93 percent of Signia Assistant users report better hearing control. 

Finally, Signia also offers TeleCare, which helps you connect virtually to your hearing care provider. Via this platform, your provider can send you new hearing aid settings, and you can also make virtual appointments.

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