A Look at House of Hearing Orem Hearing Aids Brands: ReSound

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ReSound offers a wide array of hearing aids, wireless accessories and mobile apps to promote better hearing.

Their technology selection features various hearing solutions, allowing for improved hearing and adaptable designs for any circumstance or environment. 

ReSound has several hearing aid options designed to fit several hearing needs. Specifically, ReSound includes digital hearing aid technology, allowing for customization and integration with mobile devices. With digital hearing aids, you can control sound without ever touching your ears.

Hearing Aids

ReSound Omnia

ReSound Omnia is the newest of ReSound’s hearing aids. It is one of the best hearing aids on the market to address the No. 1 hearing aid challenge of people: hearing speech amid noise. The Omnia provides a 150% improvement in speech understanding compared to other hearing aids.

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ReSound ONE

ReSound One is one of ReSound’s hearing aids that improves hearing via several integrated technologies. The Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear, or M&RIE, design allows for more depth and direction of sound.

It integrates an ergonomic design, sitting lower in the ear for maximal comfort. Clearer sound quality allows you to hear conversations better.

ReSound One also optimizes speech understanding in noisy environments, such as with wind or in a restaurant.

ReSound One is rechargeable with a full charge lasting up to 25 hours of use.

ReSound LINX Quattro

ReSound LINX Quattro includes numerous models that can suit the needs of various individuals

 It promotes improved sound quality, but also includes streaming technology from both iOS and Android devices. In fact, in streaming with the ReSound LINX Quattro, users report a sound quality that is on average 37 percent better than other premium hearing aids.

It is also rechargeable, with a full charge offering up to 30 hours of battery life.

ReSound Key

ReSound Key is the final hearing aid that ReSound offers. Using the ReSound Key creates clearer hearing with less strain and effort.

Additionally, it includes up to 30 hours of use with a single charge, direct streaming from your devices and an app aimed at customizing your hearing experience.

The hearing experience with ReSound Key can be further extended with ReSound’s array of wireless devices. Wireless accessories provide additional hearing boosts for more difficult hearing environments.

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