Hearing Test for Adults: What to Expect

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Do you worry that you’re suffering from hearing loss problems? If yes, you are not alone. According to statistics, more than 5% of the world’s population (or a total of 430 million people worldwide) would benefit from some sort of rehabilitation or device to address hearing loss issues.

However, the scary part of the scenario is that hearing loss gradually occurs. This is why getting a hearing test done at the first sign of inconvenience is crucial.

Medical History

Before a hearing test takes place, you can expect to provide your full medical history for the staff’s record. The office staff will provide you with paperwork asking multiple questions.

Answer each of them honestly so that they can gauge your medical and hearing history. Your medical history can help them identify whether your hearing loss is genetic or caused by something else.

Types of Hearing Tests

There are different types of hearing tests. Most of these tests check how your ear responds to different volumes, pitches, noises, words, etc. The tests do not take more than 30 minutes, and each is completely painless.

Your audiologist will ask you to put on headphones, and you will listen to different tones at different pitches and volumes.
Here is a complete guide to all you should expect from each hearing test.

1.- Online Hearing Test

This test is carried out by giving the patients headphones with the aim of checking their hearing without noise from the background. It is a quick and easy test and can help evaluate the hearing abilities of adults.

2.- Pure Tone Audiometry

Next is the test carried out by a machine known as the audiometer. This machine makes a series of noises, including whistles and beeps. It measures how well you can hear pure tones and determines your hearing threshold. The device analyzes the outer hearing region and the inner ear as well.

3.- Speech Discrimination Test

Another common hearing test is the speech discrimination test. It analyzes how perfectly you can hear speech. The test is pretty simple as it requires you to say back the words that are spoken to you, AKA repetition.

This is highly recommended for patients who suffer from hearing loss because of age. Seniors tend to lose the ability to hear higher frequencies such as letters F, P, T, etc.

The speech discrimination test is of great value despite its simplicity.


Once your test is complete, you can expect the results to come in pretty quickly. The results will highlight whether or not you can hear clearly in both of your ears.
If not, it will also highlight the extent of damage. The results can come in as mild, moderate-severe or profound hearing loss.
When you receive the results, you will also be told about treatments. A very common solution is the usage of hearing aids.

Don’t Wait

You may have trouble comprehending what people around you are saying even if you only have minor hearing loss. Contact us today to schedule a free hearing test so you can address your hearing loss problems before they worsen.

Improve your hearing now so you can get back to enjoying family and friends.

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