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How to Find the Right Audiologist for You

audiologist is ready to answer his patient's questions

When it comes to managing the health of your hearing, the importance of finding the right audiologist for your needs cannot be understated. With the right medical professional, you can know that your hearing health will be well-managed both now and, in the future, a fact which offers reassurance and peace of mind. 

Being able to find the right audiologist, however, is not necessarily as simple as calling and arranging an appointment with the first clinic you find. Instead, it can be helpful to undertake a little research, and keep a few specifics in mind – as we have outlined in more depth below. 

Call your insurer 

It’s a well-known fact that hearing aids are rarely covered by standard health insurance policies, but your insurer is still a useful contact point when trying to find an audiologist. Some insurers will cover diagnostic tests, so it’s still worth calling and asking for information on any providers that are in your network.

Ask for recommendations

Ask your friends, family members and acquaintances if they have any recommendations for audiologists in your area. Recommendations are always a good starting point, as they help to add a layer of personal feedback on the service of the audiologist; you can ask questions in order to assert if the same audiologist may be the right choice for you. 

You can also ask other medical professionals, such as your primary care doctor, if they have any recommendations.

Look for online opinions 

Like almost everything else in the world nowadays, medical professionals can be reviewed online. Calling your insurer and asking friends or your doctor for recommendations should have given you a few names to check out, so take the time to read through the online reviews of each audiologist that has been recommended to you. 

Research the individual audiologist 

Many audiologists will list their qualifications and experience online, most commonly on the website of the practice they are currently working for. Read through this information so you have a more understanding of any audiologist that you are considering, and also so you have a chance to see if the audiologist has a particular specialism or area of interest – such as tinnitus treatment – that may be particularly important for your needs. 

Meet with the audiologist 

With all the research behind you, you should be able to select an audiologist who you can be reasonably confident will be right for you. However, you won’t officially know that this is the case until you have actually met the audiologist in question; which usually means scheduling an appointment. 

When it comes to your appointment, go with your instincts – like all medical professionals, audiologists are caring people and will want to do all they can to make sure you always feel comfortable. When you feel at ease during the appointment, that you have the freedom to ask any questions you may have, then your research has paid off and you’ve found an audiologist who is perfectly suited to you.