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How To Recognize Hearing Problems?

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Hearing loss is something that will affect as many as 13% of all Americans over the age of 18. However, some people who experience hearing loss do not consider it to be an issue, but this is simply because they do not recognize that they have hearing loss. To ensure excellent ear health, it's vital to understand how to recognize hearing problems

Symptoms the look for 

Understanding the critical symptoms of hearing loss will make identifying these issues much more straightforward. From there, you can book an appointment with an audiologist and take a hearing test to determine whether you are experiencing hearing loss. 

Difficulty hearing

An obvious way to identify hearing loss is to think about whether you have difficulty hearing in general. While it can be challenging to figure out if your hearing is different now to how it was last week or the week before, it could guide you to a potential cause for hearing loss. 

Asking people to repeat themselves

If you find yourself regularly asking people to repeat themselves, this is another sign that you could be losing your hearing. Unlike difficulty hearing, this may be easier to spot, especially if other people point it out to you. 

Watching TV or listening to music at a higher volume than normal

If you spend some of your free time watching TV or listening to music, you may realize that you are frequently turning up the volume louder than usual. You might even find that even the highest volume setting is not sufficient to hear adequately. If this is the case, it is likely that you are experiencing the start of hearing loss. 

Issues hearing the phone

Likewise, phone calls may have become a challenge to hear clearly. Some people who experience hearing loss put this down to bad lines or connections. However, experiencing this regularly, even in different environments, could point you towards signs of hearing loss. 

Struggling to keep up with the conversation

Conversation in busy places can be a challenge to keep up with. Still, if you are struggling to do so even in more intimate situations, such as relaxing at home with friends and family, you may discover that it is hearing loss that is causing such problems. Some of this can be related to not paying attention to everything, but consistent difficulties in keeping up with the conversation are evidence of something more. 

Fatigue or stress when trying to concentrate while listening 

If you find yourself becoming stressed or exhausted while trying to concentrate on listening, whether that's to conversations or audio from the TV or music player, there's a chance that hearing loss is the reason. 

Not all of these signs will apply to someone who experiences hearing loss, so there's no point in waiting until you recognize each of these signs. If you feel that any of these symptoms are relevant to you, it is worth seeing an audiologist for a hearing exam. 

Single ear hearing loss

Single ear hearing loss is another issue you may encounter, and it is not always as noticeable as hearing loss in both ears. If you are unsure whether you suffer from both or single ear hearing loss, consider these factors: 

  • Hearing is worse with the sound coming from one side
  • All sound seems quieter than normal
  • Difficulty identifying the source of the sound 
  • Problems ignoring background noise, or struggling to distinguish noises
  • Difficulty hearing speech
  • Problems hearing correctly in noisy places

Children and babies

While most hearing loss is related to age, children and babies can also experience hearing loss. You can determine this by looking for specific signs:

  • Slow to learn, talk or are not clear when speaking
  • Do not respond when addressed
  • Talk loudly
  • Ask you to repeat yourself regularly
  • Turn the TV up high
  • Are not startled by loud noises
  • Appear to hear some sounds but no other
  • Do not turn towards voices by four months old
  • Have not started to say recognizable words by 15 months old

What to do next

If you recognize any of these symptoms as being familiar, it is recommended that you get in touch with an audiologist and book yourself in for a hearing exam. There, audiologists will carry out a range of tests to determine whether you are experiencing hearing loss. 

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