Review: YouTube Doctor Has Sound Advice on Hearing Issues and Solutions

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The “Dr. Cliff, AuD” YouTube channel features Cliff Olson, audiologist and founder of Applied Hearing Solutions in Phoenix, who aims to educate those with hearing loss and other hearing-related disorders.

Founded in 2017, Dr. Cliff’s YouTube channel has hundreds of informative videos spanning a multitude of topics in several video formats.

Dr. Cliff’s Mission

His goal is to correct misinformation relating to the field of audiology, allowing viewers to become more informed consumers and patients. Dr. Cliff and his videos have garnered a large and dedicated following over the years, with a remarkable total of 230,000 subscribers.

Dr. Cliff posts frequently on his channel, offering two to three videos every week on hearing-related topics. Common subjects of interest include hearing loss, hearing aid reviews, online hearing aids, best practices in the hearing industry and consumer electronics.

It’s Not Just About Hearing Loss

Though a great resource for those with hearing loss and hearing disorders, the channel also offers content applicable to those who do not have hearing-specific concerns.

Dr. Cliff also covers more general topics related to ear health and hearing care, making his channel an excellent resource for just about anyone.

With his impartial and helpful reviews and content, we think his channel is one you can trust.

Content is Succinct and Informative

In addition to covering a wide range of hearing-related topics, Dr. Cliff’s videos also come in a variety of formats and lengths.

His shorter videos, coined “shorts,” present content condensed within just one minute. Jam-packed with information, the shorts allow you to consume high-quality content within a short amount of time.

In addition, Dr. Cliff posts longer videos, typically between eight to 15 minutes in length, providing more in-depth information for all things hearing-related.

Finally, Dr. Cliff also offers long-form content through the “Dr. Cliff Show,” a more informal and conversational type of video that he runs with his cohost, Dr. Rachel Cook.

You Can Tell He Cares

Outside of providing educational content for consumers, Dr. Cliff’s enthusiasm and passion for hearing care shines through every one of his videos.

His energetic demeanor and positive approach to content creation allow him to make mundane topics both fun and interesting for the viewer. Not only that, but his channel makes hearing education accessible to consumers who may not normally have such resources available to them.

Make Choices as an Informed Consumer

“Dr. Cliff, AuD” is a favorite at House of Hearing Orem. We think the YouTube channel provides solid information about hearing issues and solutions.

If you or a loved one is dealing with hearing issues, we recommend you watch the show so you can become an informed consumer when it comes to hearing aid options.

Then we invite you to schedule a free hearing consultation with us at House of Hearing Orem. We will assess your hearing and discuss options you have learned about on the show.

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