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Smartphone Hearing Aid Apps Give You Control

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If you have hearing loss, you know useful and valuable your hearing aid is. You also know that it’s essential to keep in touch with your audiologist. Not only can they keep calibrating your hearing aid to ensure that it’s always meeting your needs, but they also help to keep your ears clean and free of any blockages that can affect the conductivity of your ear and add to your hearing loss. 

However, as important as it is to see your audiologist regularly, in the digital age, there are a plethora of mobile apps that can help you to get the most out of your hearing aid. These apps can not only give you greater control over your hearing aid through an easy to use interface, but they can also help you to stream calls, music or directions directly into your hearing aid without the need to use an intermediary device.

Quite simply, these apps give you greater control and help you to get more value out of your device. Let’s take a look at what hearing aid apps can do for you:

No more messing around with headphones

For many with hearing loss, having to remove hearing aids to listen to music, podcasts or videos on their phone can be an ordeal. Especially if their hearing loss is mostly or entirely confined to one ear (like those who have conditions like Meniere’s disease). While hearing aids are specifically calibrated to your exact hearing needs, headphones and earbuds typically are not. This means that you can miss nuances of music or entire sentences of talk radio because you’re not getting audio that’s tailored to your needs.

The great thing about smartphone hearing aid apps is that they deliver the content from your phone in a way that’s designed to meet your hearing needs.

Switch seamlessly between programs stored in your hearing aid’s memory

The beauty of today’s hearing aids is that they can be programmed with certain settings to help you to hear optimally in specific environments. So your audiologist may program one setting for movie theaters, another for busy environments like cafes and restaurants and another for when you’re relaxing at home with your family. 

With hearing aid apps, you can cycle between settings easily and seamlessly so that you have total control over your hearing aid’s performance in a range of different environments. 

Directional microphone control

Some apps even allow you to boost microphone performance in the direction of the sound source you’re trying to hear. This is especially useful for those who often struggle to pick out individual voices in busy environments or who find it hard to focus on what’s happening on the TV when others are chatting in the same room. 

Check battery status

There are few things more annoying for those with hearing loss than when they’re about to sit to watch a movie or eat a meal and the chimes sound to let them know that their battery is about to die. 

If they didn’t have the foresight to bring extra batteries “just in case” this could mean that they miss a significant chunk of what’s said in the film or have to nod along to the conversation around the table and hope that nobody engages them directly. Smartphone hearing aid apps allow users to check and track battery use so that they’re never unpleasantly surprised. 

Enjoy crystal clear phone chats where you don’t miss a single syllable

Many with hearing loss come find it difficult to talk on the phone. One of the earliest signs of hearing loss is struggling to hear people when they’re talking to you over the phone, especially women, children and people who generally have higher voices. This is because people with hearing loss typically lose frequencies in descending order.

However, with hearing aid apps, users can be assured that their conversations will be crystal clear as the sound is transmitted directly into the hearing aid rather than through the limited capacities of the phone’s speakers.

Choosing the right app-enabled hearing aid

In the digitally enabled market, more and more hearing aid manufacturers are building in features to make their devices easier to access and customize via mobile apps to give users full control. 

Your audiologist can help you to identify the right model for you in line with your individual needs, hearing history and budget. 

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