The Benefits of Hearing Aids

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There are 48 million individuals in the U.S. who experience some form of hearing loss. Of those who can benefit from hearing aids, however, only about 20 percent use them.

People may avoid wearing hearing aids because of the perceived stigma associated with using them. Others may be uneducated on the risks of hearing loss and the advantages of wearing hearing aids.

The reality is that having untreated hearing loss can cause more harm than good. For example, hearing loss can cause social isolation, depression, cognitive impairment and falls. These dangers, coupled with the discomfort of poor hearing, emphasize the need for hearing aids.

Additionally, there are several benefits to using a hearing aid. This article will discuss the advantages of treating hearing loss with hearing aids.

Better Hearing

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of hearing aids is that listening becomes easier. Everyday activities, such as having conversations, watching TV, or talking on the phone, can be done with much less strain.

With hearing aids, you can hear sounds with added clarity, and you can even hear sounds that you may not have been able to before. This allows you to better interact with your environment and with others.

Improved Social Interactions

As mentioned, hearing loss can make social interactions difficult. Even a simple conversation can be challenging, causing you to strain to hear. Over time, hearing loss can weaken your ability to confidently communicate with people. Thus, social relationships may suffer.

Hearing aids can make sounds clearer, allowing you to better hear conversations and others’ speech. Thus, you can better communicate with loved ones with hearing aids. This can boost your confidence, allowing you to engage in more high-quality social interactions with friends and family.

More Autonomy

Unfortunately, hearing loss is associated with declines in cognitive impairment and an increased risk of falls. These dangers may worry you and your loved ones.

If you experience either of these, you may require additional care and support, leading to an increased dependence on others. Wearing a hearing aid to improve your hearing can help to delay these risks, allowing you to live independently for longer.

Better Overall Health

Wearing hearing aids can improve your overall well-being. One survey analyzed more than 20,000 older adults with severe hearing loss.

Those who did not use hearing aids reported being in poorer health, as they did not exercise regularly or leave home as often. Individuals who wore hearing aids, in contrast, were in better health. Additionally, those who used hearing aids were less likely to be depressed.

This fact is further corroborated by another study from 2019 that evaluated individuals after having their hearing aids for three years. The use of hearing aids was found to decrease dementia risk by 18 percent, fall risk by 13 percent, and risk of depression or anxiety by 11 percent.

With data like this, it is easy to see that hearing aids can improve your overall health and well-being if you experience hearing loss.

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