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What's the most misunderstood thing about losing your hearing?

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Hearing loss is something that can be described as an invisible disability. It isn’t obvious to others that you are experiencing hearing loss, and it is also something that isn’t really talked about. In fact, there are many of us walking around that could benefit from using a hearing aid, but who don’t use one. A number of people can wait for years and years before they do something about their hearing loss. But hearing can be such a lifeline for many, so why do a lot of people put off doing something about it?

There are costs involved with hearing and sight, but is a lot of the delay down the stigma that is associated with hearing loss? It is associated with people who are old and with aging, but in fact, hearing loss can happen at any age, and it can just get more pronounced through older age. But really, this is one of the most misunderstood things about hearing loss; hearing loss doesn’t mean that you’re old or need to start planning your retirement! 

There are a number of misconceptions and things that are misunderstood when it comes to hearing loss. That is why it is important to talk openly and honestly about it, and know how hearing can impact people’s lives. Here are some of the other things that are misunderstood around hearing loss, but if you have any questions or are experiencing a change in your own hearing, booking in with an audiologist, sooner rather than later, is a must.

Hearing loss only impacts older people

This has been briefly covered before, but the fact of the matter is that hearing loss can occur at any time. Some people are born with hearing loss, which is a little different, but it can be something that can happen gradually over time, or suddenly through something like an accident. It can be more pronounced in older people as there can be other health conditions they experience that emphasize the hearing loss. But hearing loss is more common than you might think among younger people. All in all, one in six of the population is experiencing hearing loss so it can’t just be older people.

Hearing aids instantly make you hear

If you went to an optician to get glasses for your sight, then putting them on with the right prescription can help you to instantly see. However, this isn’t always the case with hearing aids. Depending on the level of hearing loss experienced, hearing aids can vary with power levels, and can take some fine tuning by your audiologist to create the best fit for you. Hearing aids can make a massive difference in how well you’re able to hear, but it isn’t just instant like getting your hearing back.

Hearing aids are big and look bad

Once upon a time this statement would have been true. Hearing aids of years past have been quite large and bulky, and that is why there can be a bit of a stigma around wearing hearing aids. However, this is no longer the case for wearing hearing aids. The technology in recent years has come on so far, and there are hearing aids in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as colors. You can get really subtle or ‘invisible’ hearing aids too, so this shouldn’t be a worry for you, if you think that you need to speak to an audiologist and get hearing aids.

Surgery or medicine can fix hearing loss

As things stand, there is no ‘cure’ for hearing loss. However, there is a lot of research into this area, as well as studies looking at what can be done to help. For some people who experience quite severe hearing loss, then surgery such as cochlear implant surgery could help them to hear better, although this doesn’t make it a cure. 

When it comes to looking at hearing loss through medication or a surgery without an implant, then there isn’t an answer at the moment. An appointment with an audiologist is going to be your best route to go down if you are experiencing hearing loss, and they can talk you through your options and assess the level of hearing loss that you have. 

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