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Which Are The Best Hearing Aids For Severe Loss Of Hearing?

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Hearing loss in both ears is something that affects one in eight Americans aged 12 and over. If ignored, hearing loss can become severe and have a dramatic effect on the quality of life, relationships and both professional and personal success and growth. Hearing aids recommended and prescribed by audiologists can help in these instances. However, there are many different styles and types of hearing aids available, so which is the best one for severe loss of hearing?

Hearing aids

With three primary types of hearing aid available to those experiencing hearing loss, the most common is the behind the ear (BTE), with other options being in the ear (ITE) and in the canal (ITC). 

As hearing aid technology has improved throughout the years, these hearing aids have become more sophisticated. They use technology that makes wearing them more comfortable, and also offer features that allow for easy, seamless use regardless of whether you have experience wearing a hearing aid or not. 

BTE hearing aids and their advantages

Behind the ear hearing aids are the most common types of hearing aids preferred by Americans experiencing hearing loss, and this is because they come complete with a range of advantages. 

They are easy to fit

If you require a hearing aid, you want to get the benefits of it immediately rather than waiting for the device to be delivered to you later or return to the audiologist to pick it up. BTE hearing aids are quick and easy to fit, meaning you can take it home the same day and see immediate results. 

BTE hearing aids are easy to hold and adjust

Hearing aids that fit behind the ear are larger compared to other options. While this means they are not as discreet as ITE or ITC options, this can still be an advantage. Because of the size of BTE hearing aids, they are easy to hold and adjust, which will save time in changing the settings or adjusting them if they start to feel uncomfortable. As the majority of people with hearing loss are older, they can benefit them by being straightforward to operate, reducing stress and frustration when using them. 

You can find different versions of BTE hearing aids

Depending on the severity of your hearing loss, there is a range of options available. People who need a hearing aid will be able to choose and decide between variations of the same BTE model. For more severe cases of hearing loss, there are Power styles available that enhance sound and have a variety of other features that enable better audio clarity wherever you are. 

The larger battery means they last longer

As BTE hearing aids are larger, it means they have space for a larger battery. A larger battery means you can enjoy a longer lifespan and will not need to recharge or replace the battery as frequently. This convenience can draw people to consider BTE hearing aids over other options. 

Larger hearing aids allow for more advanced features

In addition to a larger battery, a larger hearing aid will also allow for more features, which can enhance the experience of the person wearing the hearing aid. As hearing technology has evolved dramatically in recent years, you can now find a BTE hearing aid to suit whatever needs and preferences you have. 

Features of a BTE hearing aid

BTE hearing aids are often more customizable than other options, and this allows you to pick and choose the most appropriate features to assist with hearing loss. 

Some of these features can include:

  • Directional microphones
  • Bluetooth streaming
  • Smartphone compatibility
  • Comfort 
  • Large amplifiers
  • Multiple colors
  • Replaceable speaker

With these features, you can select the most useful option for you, giving you superb audio clarity whether you are out with friends, watching a movie or having a conversation.

BTE hearing aids and severe loss of hearing

Because BTE hearing aids have the potential for a range of features, they are the preferred option for people who experience profound hearing loss. They are more flexible than ITE and ITC alternatives and offer a broader range of customization and access to sounds due to where manufacturers place the microphone. 

If you are or know someone who experiences severe hearing loss, a BTE hearing aid is the best solution to ensure more audio clarity both at home, at work, and when out and about. 

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