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According to statistics, approximately 15% of American adults aged 18 and over report some trouble hearing in their lifespan. This is a clear indication that troubles related to hearing loss are common for people out there. However, it is important to note that many times, hearing loss issues can be tackled and prevented if proper precautionary measures are taken beforehand.

The preventive measures for preventing hearing loss include making use of devices such as earmolds and earplugs. Both of these are especially important for individuals who are exposed to high and loud noises for an extended period.

The Scale of Loudness

But, how does one determine that a sound is too loud? To make this easier to understand, it is important to know the functioning of sound levels. Each sound we hear takes place on a different level. A normal conversation between two people can be as high as 60dB. Any sound that goes higher than 85 decibels (dB) is considered to be too loud for our ears. One common occurrence where people tend to expose themselves to louder noises is while listening to music. Listening to music for more than 15 minutes at the highest volume can be around 100-140dB. Such high sound levels for extended periods can cause permanent damage.

Protection through Earmolds and Earplugs

Earmolds and earplugs are the perfect solutions for all those people who find themselves in an environment where they have to be exposed to a high level of sounds for extended periods. These devices can be plugged into the ear and removed whenever necessary without any hassle. There are tons of affordable and over-the-counter devices available for people who need these for temporary usage.

However, all those individuals who have constant exposure to loud sounds should instead go to an audiologist. At House of Hearing, specialists can design custom-made earplugs and earmolds according to your needs. A huge majority of people can benefit from these earplugs and earmolds, including:

  • Singers
  • Employers
  • Hunters
  • Employees
  • Concert enthusiasts
  • Manufacturers
  • Musicians

Higher Need for Musicians and Manufacturers

So the question arises, why do musicians and manufacturers especially need to have access to ear molds or earplugs? Well, the answer here is pretty simple. As explained earlier. Music listeners, concert enthusiasts, etc., all belong to the group who might not be exposed to loud sounds all the time. While on the other hand, manufacturers and musicians need to have access to these devices much more. The reason for this is because the extended time of listening time to loud noises can cause permanent damage to their ears.

By getting in touch with a professional audiologist at the House of Hearing, people can easily find disposable and temporary or custom-designed earplugs that would help prevent hearing loss.

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