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At the House of Hearing, we understand how hard it can be to find a one-stop location where you can get experts and specialists to cater to every need of your ear. Besides providing hearing aids, we have experienced professionals and specialists on board who have years of experience under their belts working on earwax troubles. The one major phenomenon is earwax removal which our experts can tackle with ease.

But before you think of getting the procedure done, let’s first find out what earwax is. Earwax or Cerumen is a substance that occurs naturally in the ear. This substance has antibacterial properties. While earwax might seem like a bad thing, it is not. It serves as a layer in the ear that helps to protect the delicate areas within. If there is no earwax, then external elements could have easier access to the insides of our ear, causing damage.

Earwax Removal

While it is clear that this is a naturally occurring element, the point remains that excess production of earwax can lead to trouble. The acts of eating, talking, etc., can usually push the dried earwax out of the ear, but that is not always the case. If it isn’t pushed out naturally, then it means that the wax is building up inside. This can cause trouble in hearing. At House of Hearing, experts are skilled in earwax removal and can even help clean up wax that sets on hearing aids.

Process of Earwax Removal

Think of it as any other process of clean-up. There is a part of your body that can collect debris and dust over time. This part needs to be cleaned up now and then, but doing it on your own can be quite troublesome. Instead of jabbing cotton buds and fingers in your ear, head over an audiologist or a hearing specialist.

Such individuals will first take some oil drops or glycerin to soften the wax. Next, they will make use of tools to extract the softened wax. This includes equipment such as syringes, earwax scoops, and suction tools. Specialists at the House of Hearing have been trained in the procedure of using these tools. The entire e process is quick, pain-free, and will last a long time.

Follow-Up is Crucial

Once the earwax is removed, there will be one prominent change which is of clear hearing abilities. If there had been a lot of wax, then the ear might be sore but a couple of hours. For such special cases, follow-up appointments are recommended so that the specialist can avoid any further issues. Those who don’t require a second visit will be guided on how to clean theirs at home.

Get in touch with Hose of Hearing today if you want to get your hearing aids, or your ear cleaned.

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