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Our Offices Are Now Offering In Home Hearing Tests


Introducing a SAFE alternative for testing your hearing during the Covid19 pandemic.

  • Remain safely in your home
  • We deliver a device to your doorstep
  • Quick Test- 15 minutes or less
  • ​Self Administered
  • ​Contactless
  • ​Simple
  • ​FDA Registered
  • ​OSHA Certified
  • ​Immediate Test Results

Thanks to the innovative genius of HearX
and their panel of audiologic experts, there is now a safe and reliable, user-friendly device to accurately test your hearing.

This incredible hearing test is conducted while you remain safely in your home.

To learn more about the HearX Hearing Testing Process or to schedule an in-home or in-office hearing test, click the button below

How it Works….

Before each hearing test, after arriving at your home, the licensed hearing care professional will disinfect the Hearx Samsung tablet, headphones and the specialized HearScope ear camera. You can watch them conduct this cleaning process while they remain on your front porch.

The hearing care specialist will explain the HearX testing process, while at all times remaining at a safe distance from you on your doorstep. The provider will wear a mask, face shield, and gloves to ensure your safety. The provider will always remain outside unless you invite them into your home.

The hearing professional will teach you how you can take a picture of your ear canals and eardrums with HearScope digital camera. You will see your ears on the screen and then take photos of your ear canals. The HearScope camera is uses advanced artificial intelligence to check for abnormalities, obstructions, or earwax.

The hearing care provider will hand you the HearX Samsung tablet, the sanitized headphones and the Hearscope ear camera. Using the simple touchscreen device, you will conduct your hearing test in just a few minutes. Take the device into your kitchen, living room or any room comfortable for you. Make sure to turn off electronic devices and minimize the background noise in the environment.

To learn more about the HearX Hearing Testing Process or to schedule an in-home hearing test, click the button below

The HearX hearing test is designed with your safety as the top priority.
You may wear a mask and gloves when you meet the provider at your door. He will provide you with some hand sanitizer to use after your hearing test.

This hearing test process is quick and safe. Get the results immediately. Within a few days, you will receive a call from the hearing care provider to discuss your test results over the phone or on a TeleHearing video consultation. If you have a hearing loss that could benefit from hearing devices, the licensed hearing specialist can ship hearing devices, pre-programmed for your hearing loss, directly to your home, or you can come to our office for your in person fitting.

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