Services Repair and Maintenance for Hearing Aids

Like all other devices, hearing aids have various electronic components that will require some level of maintenance, care, and repair. Don’t worry though, a damaged hearing aid doesn’t always indicate your lack of maintenance and can take place as a result of wear and tear over time too. However, many small issues can take place with hearing aids. Staying in regular contact with an audiologist or a hearing professional is wise as they can evaluate the situation and guide on the need for repairs or maintenance.

Problems with Hearings

As mentioned above, a bunch of problems can take place. Among these, the very first one is that of lack of sound transmission into your ear. If you think that it has stopped working overnight, then the most common solution to this dilemma is to work on the battery. You might need to either get your battery replaced or check if it is moved from its location. Another issue is that of debris, wax, or dirt getting stuck in there. A hearing professional will be much more equipped to clear your aid from all such dirt pieces as they make use of professional tools.

Repairs for Hearing Aids

In the majority of cases, hearing aid just needs minor repairs here. Tis is something that your hearing professional can carry out in no time. If t is a small issue, they can do it for you in their own office while you wait for a while. However, if the problem persists, then there might be a need to send the hearing aid to the manufacturers. Working on the repair yourself is never suggested as you can damage it without knowing.

Professional Repairs for Hearing Aids

At the House of Hearing, we repair, maintenance and replacement as well. If you already own a set of hearing aids and want them replaced, then we can do it for you. Moreover, customers should make full use of the warranty prided with the device to avoid any charges. However, if the warranty time has been completed, then a small fee will be required. If the aid goes to the manufacturer for a repair, it might even come with a new warranty.

But, don’t worry if you think that your hearing aid has been damaged beyond repair and cannot be fixed. Our hearing specialists and professionals will schedule a meeting with you to find the most suited and cost-effective device for you in no time.

Maintenance of Hearing Aids

To avoid any damage to the device, one should always be diligent about maintenance. All uses should remember to regularly clean their device with a dry cloth, every once in a while remove the batteries and put them out to get rid of any moisture, and lastly, be utterly careful while handling them.

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