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Discover the impeccable hearing aids rechargeable batteries! Simply insert the rechargeable hearing aid battery in the charging unit overnight.

When you step out to look for the optimal rechargeable hearing aids, you’ll be bombarded with numerous options to choose from. Before making the final decision, thoroughly explore the characteristics of each instrument and then make an intuitive purchase.

Oticon Opn S Minirite R

The new Oticon Opn S minirite R – designed as a sleek, compact, and discrete instrument, the device offers a peculiar combination of features to enjoy the best hearing experience. Equipped with superior connectivity and rechargeable lithium-ion solution, the state-of-the-art device goes far beyond providing basic hearing comfort.

Comprising a super-fast 3 hour charging time, the contact-free inductive charging is sufficient to provide a full day of power. In case of an urgent need to charge, a half an hour power boost can survive for 5-6 hours. With the smart on/off, simply place the hearing aid in the charger to enable charging, and remove it to stop. Moreover, the charger can easily connect to TVs, smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices with Bluetooth-compatible technology.

Having a significantly long battery wear-off time, you can easily replace the lithium-ion battery by taking it to the clinic. It just takes a few minutes to fix the charger, without any need to send it in for company service.

Phonak Audéo™ Marvel

With Marvel, you can rid yourself of the hassle of dealing with disposable batteries. With the innovative, robust rechargeable technology, you can completely charge your easy-to-use hearing instrument within a span of only a few hours. So now, enjoy the freedom of knowing that your Phonak rechargeable hearing aids can last you a whole day without any disruptions.

Designed with advanced and superior lithium-ion technology, the Phonak rechargeable hearing aids have a specifically designed lithium battery that keeps you covered for an entire day. Having a 40% greater power capacity than conventional batteries guarantees the reliable performance of Phonak rechargeable hearing aids.

Resound LiNX Quattro

Providing the world’s most advanced rechargeable solution, the miniature battery gives your hearing aid the power to last longer than a day. In case you forget to charge, there are extra charges of power in the portable case – so you can easily charge anywhere. Enjoy the freedom of juggling with batteries.

Signia Styletto Connect

This exceptional technology is the world’s first rechargeable SLIM RIC amalgamating style and direct binaural streaming. With a single charge lasting more than a day, along with on-the-go charging batteries, forget about the nightmare of a battery drained scenario. Allowing complete connectivity on other devices, the elegant aids can be flaunted with style, giving you a phenomenally natural hearing experience and superior sound quality.

Starkey Livio

With the premium technologies of Livio, you can enjoy a premium experience with access to exceptional sound quality, ease of comfort, and universal connectivity of the device. Offering the smartest rechargeable solutions, your impeccably sounding device can last you more than a day. Now experience clear and audible sensations even in the most challenging environments.

Unitron Moxi Fit R

Choosing to partner with a hearing aid for life, this discreet and convenient instrument is the best choice for you. Now you can enjoy seamless conversations with exceptional technology providing natural sounds with profound clarity.
Only requiring an overnight charge, experience more than 24 hours of uninterrupted interactions. The revolutionary technology possesses a battery that can last you a whole year.

Keep exploring the multitude of rechargeable hearing aid solutions available in the market equipped with state-of-the-art technologies providing a natural hearing experience. Enjoy a sense of ultimate connectivity and hassle-free charging.

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